HssEd keeps asking for HSPEAK

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Some users of Windows XP complain that every time they try to compile a plotscript with the HssEd editor, it asks them for the location of HSPEAK.EXE.

This is a bug in HssEd. Unfortunately the cause is unknown, and it can only be reproduced on some computers, not on others.


To avoid this problems, you can compile your script in other ways.

  • Use another Plotscripting Tool such as Hamster Whisper or Hamster Wrench
  • The easiest way to compile your script is to drag-and-drop it on HSPEAK.EXE
  • If you are comfortable with the command-line, you can type HSPEAK SCRIPT.HSS (run HSPEAK without any arguments to get a list of other available command-line options)