How do I use Stephanie's PC Piano to make BAM music?

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BAM format is no longer the preferred music format. BAM is still supported, but MIDI is a better choice
Stephanie's PC Piano (download here) is a program that lets you make BAM music by playing your keyboard like a piano. It also supports external MIDI keyboards attached to the MIDI(Joystick) port.

The keyboard controls are:

  F1 Help     Not Implemented
  F2 Save     no interface, just type in an 8-letter name
  F3 Load     browse for a BAM file
  F4 New      clears the recording buffer
  F5 Play     Starts/stops the play-buffer
  F7 Rec      Start/stop recording
  F8 Key      Displays keymap (Very helpful!)

  Up-Arrow    Previous Instrument
  Down-Arrow  Next Instrument

  Keypad -    Lower Volume
  Keypad +    Raise Volume

  PageUp      Fast Forward
  PageDown    Slow Play

  Shift+F2    Save As MIDI. This is undocumented and unsupported!
              (actually, the whole program is undocumented and unsupported,
               but this part doubly so)

By PLAYING and RECORDING at the same time, you can layer different voices and different instruments over each other and build complex songs

To use an alternate Instrument Bank, rename one of the other .IBK files to GM.IBK and it will be used instead.

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