How do I use MIDI2BAM to make BAM music?

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BAM format is no longer the preferred music format. BAM is still supported, but MIDI is a better choice
MIDI2BAM is a utility that converts MIDI music (.MID files) into BAM format so that you can import them into your RPG. MIDI2BAM is included in, in the IMPORT subdirectory

Double click on MIDI2BAM.exe to run it. If you have problems, right click on it, pick "properties", and make sure that the working directory is the same as the directory where MIDI2BAM is located.


  • F2 Save a BAM file (type name, no long filenames)
  • F3 Import a MID file (browse for file)
  • F5 Start/Stop Music
  • LEFT/RIGHT Highlight a Track
  • 1 Enable/Disable Track
  • SPACE Toggle Track-View/Voice-View
  • + Raise Volume
  • - Lower Volume
  • ESC Exit program

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