Game:Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

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Walthrus: Return of the Crystals


Developer(s) Surlaw
Website Super Walrus Land
Release date January 2004
Genre Comedy
Download Download from Slime Salad
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This game contains foul language and suggestive images.


After a freak accident in an ancient ruin, a group of degenerate mutants go treasure hunting. Bob Surlaw, a slow-minded fish, wanders the world of Walthros recruiting a posse of foul-mouthed sea monsters in search of fame and glory.


Walthrus: Return of the Crystals is a parody of Walthros, the internet, and of Japanese-style RPGs in general. Both games are by the same author. The graphics are intentionally ugly, with most objects consisting of a few blocks with minimal detail and no shading. Nearly every battle in the game involves enemies that die in one hit and can rarely damage the player. The storyline is an absurd retelling of Walthros', never taking itself seriously and often making fourth-wall breaks.


  • When Walthrus was originally released, its author claimed that it was a sequel to Walthros and did not immediately explain the joke. A fake description and title screen were posted to further confuse people who downloaded it.
  • The game opens with the first scene of the film version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Screen captures of this film are used at various parts of the game as battle backgrounds.
  • Nearly all of the playable characters from the original Walthros appear in this game. The only exceptions are Gru, Guinea Cow, and Sombra.
  • Most of the items you find throughout the game display cute or silly images, but there are nine that display scantily clad anime women.
  • The heroes of Totally... Gihern! show up as enemies in this game.
  • Bob always knows where to go in this game because he carries a copy of the script with him.
  • This game's version of Super Walrus Man shaped how the character would behave in future games more than his Walthros counterpart.
  • None of the characters were written to be likable, and most were written specifically to grate on the player's nerves.



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