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Surlaw Armageddon


Developer(s) Surlaw
Website Super Walrus Land
Release date 11/16/2008
Genre RPG
Download Download from Slime Salad
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Surlaw Armageddon begins years after Walthros, after the cast has drifted apart and the world has calmed down. Bob Surlaw awakens in a house that isn't quite his, in a world that becomes more and more disturbing as he explores it. He travels through time and dimensions, through life and death, and explores a variety of worlds plagued by the minions of a mysterious King.


Surlaw Armageddon is part of a larger series of games that started with Walthros in 2000-2002. Surlaw Armageddon can be enjoyed on its own, but is enhanced by playing the older games in the series. There is an Appendix on the main menu in game that explains more details of the world to newcomers.

Walthros is a world where floating fish, dinosaurs, and giant monsters are the most common citizens. Bob Surlaw is a Walthrosian Fish who worked as an explorer/archaeologist before a strange event in local ruins set him on a course that would forever change his world.


Surlaw Armageddon is a turn based RPG. Each character has a unique set of skills, and there are no levels to gain or experience to earn. New skills are learned through story events and by finding item boxes. In battle, the player can choose to use weak, medium, or strong attacks, each of which charges up a different number of skill points that can be spent to use more advanced moves. After a battle ends, the player loses some skill points, the amount lost depending on difficulty level selected.

Primary Characters[edit]

  • Bob Surlaw - A Walthrosian Fish who wakes up in a nightmare world. His home has become a twisted version of reality, and his attempts to get his bearings sends him spiraling through time and space.
  • Gray Man - A seemingly omnipotent being who has been observing Surlaw for some time. His motivations are allegiance are unknown.
  • Lanni - A human bus driver living in the city of Boston. Lanni is living alone in a deserted part of town when Surlaw finds him.
  • Suwanee - A goose living in Mirror Walthros. After her home is destroyed, she sets out on a mission of revenge.
  • The Duke - An inhabitant of the Mad World. The Duke battles his brother, The Skeleton King, for control of this world.


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