Game:Kingdom Wars I: Rise of the Prince

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Kingdom Wars I: Rise of the Prince
Kingdom Wars.PNG
Developer(s) Nintendork
Website Game Profile on Castle Paradox
Release date Upcoming
Genre RPG/Adventure
Download N/A
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Kingdom Wars I: Rise of the Prince is a game being worked on by Nintendork, and was added to Castle Paradox's game list on Saturday, March 18, 2006.


The three towns, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, have all been ruled under the Bombtosser dynasty since they were founded. The current rulers are King James and Queen Rachael. They have one son, Prince Sukotto, an engineer who is, as of far, leading a very uninteresting life. Every day, Sukotto's parents send him out to deliver and receive any news (by word of mouth) to Beta and Gamma, and most of the time, it's nothing, but his parents still send him out to tell everyone that everything is the same. Every time, he throws a fit, and every time, his dad wins. So Sukotto resumes this life every day... he wishes that one day, everything would change. And, unfortunately for him... it does.


It is uncertain when the first demo for the game will be released as of now, but the game's ideas have been discussed for over a year before it was announced.


Two sequels are planned, "Kingdom Wars II: Attack on the Empire," and "Kingdom Wars III: Revenge of the King." If the series is popular, an online version will be made with "BYOND" named "Kingdom Wars Online." Note that all three names are tentative.


  • The first three towns, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, are the first three letters of the Greek alphabet. It is also worthy to point out that the first town in Bomberman: Race for the Championship (Nintendork's first game) was named Alpha.
  • The plot in the game's description on Castle Paradox was changed drastically on Thursday, July 13, 2006. The two major differences being that the three kingdoms were a republic in the March version, and the July description changed that to a monarchy, and Sukotto was captured with his parents in the original description. The first screenshot of the actual game was also added in the July version.
  • On July 14, 2006, a GIF image was released showing a plotscript in the game: Unblock Plotscript.gif