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Bomberman: Race for the Championship
Bomberman- Race for the Championship 2005 Remake.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendork
Website Game Profile on Castle Paradox
Release date Unknown, but its existence traces back to August 2001
Genre RPG/Adventure
Download Download from Castle Paradox
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Bomberman: Race for the Championship is a game that was made by Nintendork back when he was in fifth grade.


Bomberman enters a contest hosted by Bomberman Max where whoever wins will become a powerful golden Bomber and obtain very good armor and weapons. In the contest, he must travel through numerous areas (however, only two full areas and one incomplete area are in the final release) and attempt to get past them before his four opponents, the black, red, blue, and green Bombermen do (he holds a certain rivalry with Black Bomberman though). This game is no longer being worked on, the last version released sometime in 2003.


The last update to this game was some time in 2003. There was an update that was near-completed with new fonts, graphics, areas, and enemies, however this update was lost on the computer's hard drive (due to a reboot). Since then, the game was officially declared cancelled. In 2005, the creator claimed there would be another update, and later claimed there would be a whole remake, but both of those were cancelled.


A sequel entiled "Bomberman Race For The Championship 2: Black Bomber's Revenge" was being worked on very early in the game's development, but was never made (except a very early version which only had a basic house and does not exist anymore). However, a page and a screenshot was put up for it on Operation:OHR. The page is still there, but the screenshot is not, due to numerous games' data on the site being replaced with either nothing or just random letters/numbers/punctuation. The game was to be a first person game, where you played as the black Bomberman seeking revenge on Brain Bomber, the person who caused you to lose the championship, and then later fight white Bomberman, who was, by this time, the golden Bomber.


The game has been reviewed twice, once by Vincent Wong, creator of "Bomberman Fantastic Site," and again by Castle Paradox user Komera. Note the review by Vincent Wong was for a much older version of the game.


  • The author, Nintendork, had actually worked on two full length RPGs prior to this- In Space and Army Men- both of which are now lost. In Space was an adventure game made with plotscripttutor graphics, but aside from what came with that, they were all original graphics. However, in an argument with his brother, he deleted the only version of the game in existence. Army Men stole graphics from "Wandering Hamster" and was about four people in the army going around the world. It was his first experience with tags. Both games he tried to upload onto Operation:OHR, but thought you had to e-mail them to do it, and sent them, but was never given a response, nor were the games put up. He claims that if he could go back in time and tell his past self one thing, it would be how to upload games on Operation:OHR.
  • In Alpha, a yellow Bomberman named John says "I'm bored..." This was based on how the author felt at the time of writing this, as he was thinking for something for the character to say. John is also a name the creator really liked at the time.
  • This was the only one of Nintendork's games that was transferred from Operation:OHR to Castle Paradox automatically. All his other ones on Operation:OHR he later put on Castle Paradox manually.
  • The download for the game on both Operation:OHR and Castle Paradox are the exact same version.
  • There are constant misspellings in this game, due to the author being very young when making it. The 2005 update claimed it would fix that.
  • All the music is ripped, because the author did not know how to make midi music, and was having a lot of trouble making bam music.
  • The blimp in area 3 is actually based off of a cartoon scene from the creator's dream, which had the Bombermen all on a blimp, and the blue Bomberman was showing off some family jewel. Numerous Bomberman looked at it and loved it, however, the black Bomberman said it was stupid, to which someone pushed him off the blimp.
  • Area 3 is supposed to be the first (and only) town from Nintendork's other game being made around the same time, Construction Worker.
  • Here are some of the things that were added or changed to the never released but almost complete update:
    • Graphical: Bombermen no longer had mad faces unless they were supposed to be mad (main character was never mad anymore, but the mad face was supposed to be a little thing marking that you played an older version of the game), and their arms and feet were corrected to be their skin as opposed to their color (except for white Bomberman), and there was an entirely new font.
    • Areas: Medievel area (filled with enemies) and a castle.
    • Allies: Possibly one of the very few things the update needed, a new ally was thought to be added. The author does not remember, but claims the most likely candidate was Pretty Bomber.
    • Enemies: Blue Ballom, Knight Bomberman, and King Bomberman (boss).
    • Events: A Knight Bomberman loses his key for the castle, and the player has to find it to get into the castle, otherwise it's locked. Mini-game #2, which was when you got near the king, you had to go past all his guards and not get caught, who were all pacing from left to right at different speeds. Also, a small Simpsons parody if you try to access the basement before you retrieve the key (which was retrieved by defeating King Bomberman) to the basement. When you talked to Max for the area 1 Bomber Marine, instead of just giving a warning that Bomberman should be the leader, he gave you a choice asking if Bomberman was the leader so the player could choose "no" if he wasn't leader, and later this was changed to make it so Max wouldn't let you on if Bomberman wasn't leader using tags.
    • Other Stuff: You could control the blimp yourself, and pressing the escape key while in the air would go to Bomberman and Ninja Bomberman on the blimp as Pommy drives it. It worked similarly to "Final Fantasy III" for the Super Nintendo's airship system.
  • The picture in the game's profile on Castle Paradox is actually from the never released but announced 2005 update.
  • When the game was being updated for 2005, Nintendork wanted to preserve the 2003 update on Castle Paradox (there is too much of a risk that Operation:OHR could go down permanately), so he retitled it the "2002 edition." This is an error, of course, because it was actually made in 2003. Some people may have downloaded this version when the new version was announced, but when the new version was cancelled it was removed.