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These are user-created tilemaps that are either in the public domain, or creative commons. They are all free to use in your game. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you need to credit the creator, it's best to get in touch with him/her.


Import Ready[edit]

Vikings of Midgard[edit]

By Fenrir-Lunaris

These tilesets are from Fenrir's Vikings of Midgard. Public domain.

Vikings tilemaps 000.bmp Vikings tilemaps 009.bmp Vikings tilemaps 018.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 001.bmp Vikings tilemaps 010.bmp Vikings tilemaps 019.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 002.bmp Vikings tilemaps 011.bmp Vikings tilemaps 020.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 003.bmp Vikings tilemaps 012.bmp Vikings tilemaps 021.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 004.bmp Vikings tilemaps 013.bmp Vikings tilemaps 022.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 005.bmp Vikings tilemaps 014.bmp Vikings tilemaps 023.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 006.bmp Vikings tilemaps 015.bmp Vikings tilemaps 024.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 007.bmp Vikings tilemaps 016.bmp Vikings tilemaps 025.bmp
Vikings tilemaps 008.bmp Vikings tilemaps 017.bmp Vikings tilemaps 026.bmp

Taoki's modified Vikings[edit]

By Taoki

These tilesets are from: Public domain.

Taoki tiles01.bmp Taoki tiles02.bmp Taoki tiles03.bmp
Taoki tiles04.bmp Taoki tiles05.bmp

Doom RPG[edit]

By thespazztikone

These tilesets are from thespazztikone's Doom RPG.

Thespazztikone tilemaps 000.png
Dark / Tech tiles - used for the last of the areas in the Doom RPG. This includes gray brick textures, some of them with flesh coming through walls, a few angled tiles, some ammo / armor / health containers, etc.
Thespazztikone tilemaps 001.png
Embellishments 1 - dead marines, lights, floor-arrows, boxes / crates, and wall embellishments.
Thespazztikone tilemaps 002.png
Embellishments 2 - Bloody messes, flashing arrows (for pointing out various items on a map), Ceiling supports, Stalactites / stalagmites, and some cabinets / conveyor belts.
Thespazztikone tilemaps 003.png
Factory Tiles 1 - These are the tiles used in factory segments of the game. Contains such stuff like danger / caution signs, elevator doors, health / ammo embellishments, flashing floor tiles, etc.
Thespazztikone tilemaps 004.png
A few sets of floors, and lighting on them
Thespazztikone tilemaps 005.png
A few sets of floors, and lighting on them
Thespazztikone tilemaps 006.png
A few sets of floors, and lighting on them
Thespazztikone tilemaps 007.png
"Lightside" tiles - tiles used in the factory / Lightside of my game. there could be a few goodies here. Also, the Dopefish was for a hidden area in the first part of the game.
Thespazztikone tilemaps 008.png
Misc. tiles - Just some other tiles. Some of these weren't even used in the game!
Thespazztikone tilemaps 009.png
Wall tiles - Just a few sets of walls made for the game. Includes gray / bronze / green techwalls.

FnrrfYgmSchnish's 8-Bit Tiles[edit]

By FnrrfYgmSchnish

TS01 worldmap.bmp TS01 worldmap2.bmp TS02 town.bmp
TS03 deserttown.bmp TS04 porttown.bmp TS05 snowtown.bmp
TS06 house.bmp TS07 house.bmp TS08 cave.bmp
TS09 sewer.bmp TS10 castle.bmp TS11 volcano.bmp
TS12 icecave.bmp TS13 crystalcave.bmp TS14 insides.bmp
TS15 ruins.bmp TS16 desertruins.bmp TS17 snowruins.bmp
TS18 stonehenge.bmp TS19 snowhenge.bmp TS20 inruins.bmp
TS21 inruinsdesert.bmp TS22 inruinssnow.bmp TS23 sky.bmp
TS24 skypalace.bmp


by BMR

These works by BMR are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Bmrfloor000.png Bmrfloor001.png
Bmrfloor002.png Bmrfloor003.png
Bmrfloor004.png Bmrfloor005.png
Bmrfloor006.png Bmrfloor007.png
Bmrfloor008.png Bmrfloor009.png
Bmrfloor010.png Bmrfloor011.png
Bmrfloor012.png Bmrfloor013.png
Bmrfloor014.png Bmrfloor015.png
Bmrfloor016.png Bmrfloor017.png
Bmrfloor018.png Bmrfloor019.png
Bmrfloor020.png Bmrfloor021.png
Bmrfloor022.png Bmrfloor023.png
Bmrfloor024.png Bmrfloor025.png
Bmrfloor026.png Bmrfloor027.png
Bmrfloor028.png Bmrfloor029.png
Bmrfloor030.png Bmrfloor031.png
Bmrfloor032.png Bmrfloor033.png
Bmrfloor034.png File:Bmrfloor035.png
Bmrfloor036.png Bmrfloor037.png
Bmrfloor038.png Bmrfloor039.png
Bmrfloor040.png Bmrfloor041.png
Bmrfloor042.png Bmrfloor043.png
Bmrfloor044.png Bmrfloor045.png
Bmrfloor046.png Bmrfloor047.png
Bmrfloor048.png Bmrfloor049.png
Bmrwall001.png Bmrwall002.png Bmrwall003.png
Bmrwall004.png Bmrwall005.png Bmrwall006.png
Bmrwall007.png Bmrwall008.png Bmrwall009.png
Bmrwall010.png Bmrwall011.png Bmrwall012.png
Bmrwall013.png Bmrwall014.png Bmrwall015.png
Bmrwall016.png Bmrwall017.png Bmrwall018.png
Bmrwall019.png Bmrwall020.png Bmrwall021.png
Bmrwall022.png Bmrwall023.png Bmrwall024.png
Bmrwall025.png Bmrwall026.png Bmrwall027.png