What does the 'mute' attack option do?

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In Tirgoviste, a new status effect was introduced: Mute. The idea behind it is that when one is inflicted with Mute, you cannot cast spells.

Further, two new attack bitsets were created to help manage the Mute status: Fail if Target is Muted, and Mutable.

To Create a Mute Spell[edit]

All you have to do is have a spell that targets the Mute Register in the Damage Settings menu. When this register is set, every tick in the game causes the register to go down by one. As long as the register is above zero, the target (hero or monster) will be muted, and they will be unable to use any spells that are Mutable. When the register hits zero, those spells will be available again.

It's also recommended to set the Fail if Target is Muted bitset, so that they cannot be re-muted. You will find this in the Attack Bitsets menu.

It's also also recommended to set the Base Attack Stat to be 100, and use the percentage setting to tweak it, so that it will always mute for a consistent time.

To Create a Mutable Spell[edit]

By default, no spell will be blocked when the target is muted, since there's no way for the engine to tell the difference between a spell attack, and a regular attack. So, you must mark those spells with the Mutable attack bitset.

Status Indicator[edit]

By default, the Mute Status Indicator is character #163, which looks like an empty speech bubble. You can, of course, set it to any other character you want, by going into the Edit General Game Data menu, and setting the Mute Indicator option.

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