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Hieran Del/Hieran_Del8/Jay Tennant

I work primarily on the DirectX graphics backend for Windows. I can be found around the web and in different projects:

  • Most Valuable Contributor at
  • Moderator of Frank D. Luna's Game Programming with DirectX books at
  • Developed the DSDX Library (a DirectShow to DirectX set of filters that takes an audio and video stream and writes them to a DirectX 9/10/11 surface and DirectSound/XAudio2 buffer at DSDX on Sourceforge
  • Developing G-Well, a third person space shooter based off of Gravity Well at G-Well on Sourceforge. If I'm not working on that, it's because I'm working on gfx_directx.dll, or one of the other blablillion projects.

My main line of work is teaching piano. Programming is a hobby, started in QBasic, eventually in screen mode 7. Mode 13 was just too much for my computer. I still remember how awesome it was to make my first pong game in amber monochrome. 12mhz was all I ever needed! And now, it seems 2.5Ghz quad-core with dedicated DirectX 11 hardware (Radeon HD5770) is not enough. Eh, in 15 years I'll be demanding 52Phz 1000^3-core in my brainz!!