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BMR, or The Emperor as he likes to be called elsewhere on the World Wide Web, is the future Emperor of the World. Shamefully, he has yet to create any games, though he is currently working on Legacy. He is, self-admittedly, perhaps a bit off-kilter, with not all the knives in the bellfry being the sharpest bats in the village. This can be evidenced by his speaking in the third person, though he pathetically attempts to justify this by saying he comes from the third world, and is thus permitted the third person.

More about the Emperor[edit]

Beyond the OHRRPGCE, BMR is a frustrated writer. He has yet to get anything published, though he does aspire to one day get some of his short fiction (perhaps even a novel!) published. He mainly writes fantasy and supernatural noir, though he has been known to do the occasional comedy piece from time to time. He is a highschool English teacher by profession, a madman by obsession, and a starving artist/writer in the recession.