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Proposed file format for storing information about stats. See also: Plan for more flexible stats

  • stats - root node
    • stat int - one node for each stat, value is id number
      • name string - name of the stat
      • after_battle int - 0 = zero after battle, 1 = restore to max after battle (this would be an enum in the editor editor)
      • before_battle int - 0 = zero before battle, 1 = restore to max before battle
      • inn int - 0 = zero when sleeping at an inn, 1 = restore to max when sleeping at an inn
      • show_status - if this node is present, the stat is displayed on the status screen
      • death_on_zero - if this node is present the hero or enemy dies when this stat is zero
      • display_mode - 0=display as a number, 1=display as a meter, 2=display as a percent of max
      • editor_max int - max value that can be assigned to this stat in the editor