Specific android device testing

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These notes are for device specific tests of the Android Port, especially related to performance.

Phones and Tablets[edit]

Device Result Who? CPU Notes
Nexus 5 Works great James Tested very frequently
Nexus 7 Works great James
Motorola Xoom Works great James
NuVision 10.1 Works great James Intel Atom
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Works great James tested via Samsung remote testing lab
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Works great James tested via Samsung remote testing lab
HTC Thunderbolt sometimes slow JSH357 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (MSM8655) wait() in Motrya intro seems 3 to 4 times slower. Other stuff runs full speed
Samsung Galaxy S II problems advancing text boxes James Only tested via Samsung remote testing lab. This is a very old device, but seems to run fune until you get to a text box. Then it doesn't seem to accept touches to advance the text box. After repeated attempts, it will sometimes act like the use button is stuck, and advance rapidly through text boxes.
Asus Zenfone 6 Works well if compiled debug=0 /u/AloneKeybi Intel Atom Z2580 (2.0ghz) When compiled with the default debug=2, Paladin Traducer runs extremely slowly after dragging a tile, sometimes displays "a script is stuck" https://i.imgur.com/HDYIaSq.jpg Crypt of Baconthulhu also reported to run very slowly and report stuck scripts. After recompiling debug=0, /u/AloneKeybi reports that they run smoothly.

Android Micro-Consoles[edit]

Device Result Who? CPU Notes
OUYA Console Works great James, Spoonweaver
Gamestick Console Works Oliver Heathcote Analog stick works, D-Pad does not
Amazon FireTV Works Thorbrian Analog stick works, D-Pad does not

Devices Not Listed Here[edit]

The OHRRPGCE has low system requirements, and works well on most devices.

Feel free to add your device to this page after you have tested it.