Scripts:Activate doors with a use key

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If you want to be able to activate all your doors with the use key you can set the following script as the map's on-keypress script.

If you don't want the player to be able to activate a door by stepping on it, either put walls around it, or use the suspenddoors command to prevent doors from activating normally (for example, place that command in a map autorun script).

plotscript, use doors on keypress, begin
  if (keyval(key:enter) > 1 || keyval(key:ctrl) > 1 || keyval(key:space) > 1) then, begin
    variable (x, y)
    x := hero x(me)
    y := hero y(me)
    # Find the tile in front of hero
    switch (hero direction(me)) do, begin
      case (up)   y -= 1
      case (down) y += 1
      case (left) x -= 1
      case (right) x += 1
    if (door at spot(x, y) > -1) then (use door(door at spot(x, y)))

Note that this script won't work for activating a door over the edge of a wrap-around map.

A simple solution for a single door is to place an invisible NPC at the door and make it run this script:

plotscript, door, door id, begin
  use door (door id)

Set the Script Argument on the NPC to the right door ID.