Plan for turn-based battles

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Right now, all battles use an Active-Time-Battle (ATB) system like the one used in Final Fantasy >= 4

Many users desire a turn-based battle system like the one used in Final Fantasy <= 3 or Dragon Quest, Earthbound, Pokemon.... pretty much every other SNES/NES/Gameboy RPG.

There are options for stopping time when the player is taking a turn, bu this is not the same thing as turn based.

  • ATB turns are handled by ready-meters and attack delays. Clean these up.
    • In cleaning up the ready-meter code, organize it as a "Turn Manager"
  • Add a second Turn Manager, for Turn-Based battles.
    • Turn-Based Turn Manager should present the battle menu for each hero in order
    • When all heroes attacks have been chosen, run the AI for all enemies
    • Effective attack delay should be calculated differently in Turn-Based mode.
      • Come up with a formula for Turn-Based effective attack delay based on attacker speed, modified by attack delay.
      • This formula should be customizable in some way.
      • Some games may want strict fastest-attacker-goes-first, while others will want some level of randomization.
    • Turn-Based turn manager will wait until all heroes and enemies have acted, then start the next round.
  • Poison and Regen should happen on a turn-basis instead of a timer basis.
  • Turn count should be tracked.
    • Track turns per-character. In Turn-based, they will always be in-sync with each other
    • There should be a way to queue an attack to happen after X turns have passed.
      • This is available in both turn managers

Active-Time Turn Manager[edit]

Is a state machine with the following states:

  • wait for a character's turn to come (while advancing meters and delays)
  • do attack selection for the current character's turn (possibly advancing meters and delays depending on bitsets)

Other notes[edit]

  • Each character chooses action when their menu is full
  • Attack delay is interpreted in ticks
  • Poison, Regen, Stun and Mute update on tick-based timers
  • Attacks queued by turn happen based on the number of turns taken by the attacker
  • Attacks queued by tick happen after a tick delay
  • Cancelling attack selection goes to the next hero with a full ready-meter

Turn-Based Turn Manager[edit]

Is a state Machine with the following states:

  • Do turn selection for each character in order
  • Advance meters and delays until the attack queue is empty of all attacks except for those with a turn-delay >0

Other notes[edit]

  • All characters choose actions together
    • A turn ends when each character has finished animating their entire attack chain (not counting queued attacks)
  • Effective attack delay is decided by a formula involving speed and attack delay.
    • Chained attacks that are not queued and have a delay > 1 are inserted into the order of attacks based on the chained attacks delay.
  • Poison, Regen, Stun and Mute update exactly once per turn
  • Attacks queued by turn happen based on the number of battle turns
  • Attacks queued by tick happen after a tick delay. It may not be possible to predict in advance how many turns this will be.
  • Cancelling attack selection goes back to the previous hero.


  • What about chains that chain to themselves endlessly? Should that just be a "Don't do that, silly!" problem, or do we need to have a special feature to limit/prevent that somehow
  • In active-mode, counter-attacks are non-blocking. In turn-based mode, they need to happen within the current turn.
    • Does that mean they need to be non-blocking? I think so?
    • What about endless chains of counterattacks?

Implementation Plan[edit]

  • Add a TurnManager type for holding data related to the turn-manager state machines, and other relevant data (done)
  • Clean up active time mode (done, slightly)
  • Add the turn-based state machine (started)
    • Make heroes and enemies pick actions together, in order (done)
    • Make a sub-mode to wait for all actions to complete (done)
    • Make poison & regen happen once per turn (done)
    • Make stun and mute decrement once per turn instead of once per second (done)
    • Make delay influenced by speed. Initiative order. (done)
      • Start out with a deterministic mode that just sorts by speed, maybe breaking ties randomly. (done)
      • Other modes might be desirable later, maybe something that randomly fuzzes speed, or something like that.
      • Initiative delay and attack delay are added together, so, for example, and attack with delay 1 would cause the attack to happen after the next-slowest attacker's attack (done)
    • Implement the ability to cancel backwards through the heroes when picking attacks and targets. (done)
    • Make sure that chained attacks with no delay really happen immediately (done)
    • Make sure counterattacks happen in the same turn as the attack that triggers them (done)
    • Make sure that battles don't end before on-death spawns happen (done)
  • Add a battle mode selector to Custom (done)
    • Clearly label it as experimental (done, will remove after some testing)
    • Make active-time-only bitsets only show up when active time is selected.
  • Write a wiki page describing both modes, comparing and contrasting them.
  • Add support for turn-delays in both active and wait modes.
  • Figure out what to do about infinite chain and counterattack loops.
  • Figure out how to handle running away in turn-mode