Plan for text box file format change

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  • Examine (and possibly clean-up) code for saving/loading text box data
    • Identify all the code that actually saves or loads any text box data
  • Plan a new RELOAD based format for textboxes
    • Probably name it textboxes.reld. All textboxes just go in a single lump, previous ideas to store textboxes in a way that doesn't require rewriting the whole file every time were misguided
    • Resist the urge to add new features at this time
    • Be aware of new features we might want to add, to avoid making decisions that would make those harder later
      • Text should be stored as a single string, not as separate lines
        • The "string from textbox" command can load the whole box, figure out the wrapping, and choose the requested line to return.
      • Multi-way options (e.g. show a textbox next or trigger a script next) could be split into different nodes so that they don't have to be mutually exclusive.
      • We might want in future to allow conditionals that check multiple tags instead of just one
  • Implement saving/loading of the new format
  • Convert the whole file only on a full upgrade in custom.
    • Play-time upgrade of the format should never happen when playing old games. It is okay to keep reading the old SAY lump.
    • Text box format conversion should bump the RPG file format number.

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