Plan for spriteset import/export

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Currently it is possible to import 4-bit BMP files as a single frame into the sprite editor, but this is awkward because the palette for a sprite set has to be the same, and managing palettes in most external graphics editors can be quite a pain.

The plan is to enable the import and export of full sets of sprites as a wide strip-shaped image with each frame arranged side-by-side much in the same way they are in the sprite editor.

  • Write functions to get/set pixels within the Frame objects used by sprite_draw
  • Re-write the mark/clone tool
  • Re-write the copy/paste feature
  • Write a command that can take a Frame object and write it to a 4-bit BMP
  • Write a command that can load a 4-bit BMP and load it into a Frame Object
  • Replace the export functionality with the new import-to-frame routine
  • Add export frame functionality
  • SUBify the individual sprite editor and rewrite it to work entirely with a Frame object with no screen-page storage
  • Rewrite the sprite browser to work entirely with Frame objects and no screen-page storage
  • Add full-sheet import/export functionality