Plan for non-tile-based walking

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It would be nice to (optionally) support non-tile-based walking

  • Clean up wallmap checking code
    • Check additional collisions, for example, hitting the end of a wall that is perpendicular to you when you are not tile aligned
  • Clean up NPC collision code
  • Implement an optional non-aligned mode.
    • In non-aligned mode it should be possible to move in steps of any pixel-size.
    • Explore the possibility of a half-aligned mode similar to the half-tile steps in the original NES zelda.
    • Some RPGs implement "sliding" when you collide with a wall close to a corner. Should we attempt to implement this?
    • In non-aligned mode, NPC activation behavior might have to change

There may be other complications I haven't thought of yet here.

Side Scrollers[edit]

A nice side-effect of this plan is that it will make it easier for plotscripters to make Side scrolling games without needing to re-implement their own hit-detection.