Plan for more flexible elementals

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Elemental damage calculations are currently a bit arbitrary and limited. There are 8 elemental types attacks. Enemies, heroes and equipment all have three bitsets for weak, strong, and absorb for each element. There are also 8 enemy types that function as second-class-elements, which only have one weakness bitset, located in the attack data.

  • Each elemental weakness multiplies the damage by 2
  • Each elemental strength multiplies the damage by 0.12
  • Each enemy-type weakness multiplies the damage by 1.8
  • If at least one elemental absorb is present, damage is multiplied by -1


  • Allow each enemy, hero, and equippable item to have explicit percentage weaknesses and strengths to each element type
  • Automatically convert all the old bitsets into percentages, and then remove the bitsets.
  • Convert the 8 enemy types into full-fledged elementals with all the capabilities of normal elementals (including failure bitsets and ally spawning)
  • Equipment elementals currently only apply to attacks that hit the hero who has the item equipped. Also add equipment elementals that apply to attacks done by the hero (these would be added to the attack elementals, rather than added to the hero elementals)

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