Plan for full-inventory handling

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When your inventory is full, and you acquire a new item that won't fit, we need a full inventory handler that can pop up.

This screen is similar to the regular inventory screen, with some differences

Everything below is subject to change. These are just ideas

  • Show the name of the new item that you are trying to add, and a prompt indicating that you are trying to make room
  • You should be allowed to use consumable items to make room
    • but you should NOT be able to use items that trigger textboxes, because that would require the screen to close
  • You can sort and rearrange
  • Most importantly, you can throw things into the trash
    • Whenever you select an item for use/move, the trash should flash for emphasis
  • As soon as you have made room for the item, either by trashing something or by consuming something, it should appear in the empty slot, and the screen should close
  • If you try to exit the screen without making room for the item:
    • Show a prompt asking if you really want to discard it.
    • If the item is "Cannot be Sold/Dropped" you are shown a prompt saying you are not allowed to drop it
      • If your entire inventory is full of items that cannot be sold or dropped, it can either make your inventory bigger, or allow you to discard the item anyway.

In spite of the strong similarities between this screen and the inventory screen, it would be best not to re-use the inventory screen's slice collection layout. It would be better to have a separate collection for this purpose.