Plan for editing script snippets in Custom

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Currently attached a script to something requires creating the script in a text editor, going to Script Management, importing the script, returning to your original menu, and attaching the trigger. Directly editing script snippets in Custom at point of use would be much more convenient.

Low priority.

  • A new RELOAD snippets.reld lump containing each snippet as a text node. Script triggers can refer to this lump.
  • Exporting: output all scripts in snippets.reld to an .hss file
  • Add a commandline option to HSpeak to include an additional file
  • Whenever importing scripts, export the snippets to a temporary location and compile them with the external scripts
    • We'd likely want to export the .hsi file too
  • Editing a snippet should also cause the scripts to be recompiled (ideally incrementally) -- using the last imported copy of the external scripts, rather than using them directly (which the user might be in the middle of editing)
  • (Later) Importing: translate an .hss file back to snippets.reld (using marker comments rather than parsing the scripts)
  • Script Management options to export and import snippets (so that users can do external editing such as doing file-replace)
  • Make HSpeak prevent snippet scripts (identified by their names) from being called directly from other scripts.