Plan for customized experience-to-next-level

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(This plan could be generalised to other formulae as well)

The current experience-to-next-level formula is the same for all heroes in all games. It is described in more detail here: What is the formula for how much experience it takes for a levelup?

First Level: 30 exp
Each level after that: previouslevel * 1.2 + 5  (rounding down)
With a maximum requirement of 1000000 (at level 55)


  • The current formula should only be emulated for backwards compatibility, making the terms of the formula customizable is pretty pointless, because it is not really possible to express anything other than a very sudden experience curve with such a formula.
  • Use a fourth degree polynomial formula ( A*x^4 + B*x^3 + C*x^2 + D*x + E )
    • Come up with some reasonable default values for A B C D E.
    • Figure out values for A B C D E that resemble the experience curves of various famous RPG games (these don't need to be code in, but should be documented somewhere)
      • 2.71 * level^3 is a rough equivalent of Final Fantasy 6's exp curve
      • 0.101 * level^4 is a rough equivalent of Final Fantasy 5's exp curve
  • Store customized formula in GEN
  • Give each hero an optional customizable formula which can be used instead of the default formula. Store in hero data
  • Add a visualization tool so that game authors can see a preview of how many experience points will be required for each level (done)
  • Add a graphing tool that can display experience curve in comparison to the old formula, the suggested default for the new formula, and if you are viewing a specific hero's custom curve, compare it to the default curve for the current game.

Max Enemy Experience[edit]

  • Enemy experience is currently capped at 32000. This limit can be raised. The enemy data in the DT1 format will eventually be converted into a RELOAD document, which requires the Plan for an Editor Editor. Simply adding a little extra data for a larger experience reward right now would be easy and would not be any large extra backcompat burden when converting the format

Scripted Formula[edit]

  • it would also be possible to have a scripted function which would take the hero's level and hero id number as input, and return the experience to the next level. This should wait until floating point math is available, and when scripts can be run in battle, and is not mutually exclusive with the preceding proposal for customizing the formula.

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