Plan for animating enemies

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The parts of this plan dealing with file formats and animations are obsolete. That's superseded by the more general Plan for raising sprite frame limits

Here is a proposal for adding animation frames for enemies

  1. Create a UDT for sprite storage (see Mike's comments in Plan for raising sprite frame limits) (done)
  2. Create commands for drawing sprites from UDTs These can exist in parallel with the old drawing commands, They do not need to replace them yet (done)
  3. Convert the sprite editor to use sprite UDTs instead of a screen page for sprite storage
  4. Make sure the sprite editor can handle sprite sets too wide to fit on the screen (should be able to scroll right and left)
  5. Convert the battle system to use the UDTs for sprite storage instead of a screen page. (done)
  6. Add a record to BINSIZE.BIN for each sprite type. The record size should be the size of the entire sprite set, not just of a single frame within a sprite set (for enemies this is the same)
  7. Increase the size of the three enemy graphics lumps, and use a fixbit to copy the existing single frame of enemy graphics into all the empty animation slots.
  8. Update the battle attack animation code to change the enemy frames in exactly the same way it does for heroes.
  9. Include a bitset to disable the enemy twitch when attacking, leave it off for old games, but default it on for new games.

Old games will continue to work the same, but anyone who wants to go to the trouble of giving enemies all the same animations that heroes have can do it.

Any plan that involves adding additional animation frames can be implemented the same for heroes as for enemies.