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This is a reference for the order in which different graphical things are drawn in-game.

Some of these layers are slices. For those that are, the lookup slice constants are given in bold.

  • Normal map display -- sl:map root
    • Map layers, NPCs & Heroes (order is defined in the Edit Layers menu) -- sl:map layer 0 to sl:map layer 7, and either sl:walkabout layer OR sl:hero layer and sl:npc layer. See below.
    • Overhead tiles from map layer 0 (obsolete, for backcompat) -- sl:obsolete overhead
  • Backdrop (both textbox and scripted) -- sl:backdrop
  • Default layer for script-created slices such as sprites -- sl:script layer
  • Text box -- sl:textbox layer and sl:textbox root
    • Box & text -- sl:textbox box and sl:textbox text
    • Portrait -- sl:textbox portrait box and sl:textbox portrait
    • Choice box -- sl:textbox choice box
  • Harm tile flash, if any
  • Custom menus (including main menu)
  • Output of showvalue or showstring
  • "plotstrings" (using e.g. show string at; not to be confused with text slices or showstring!)*
Note: these are not yet drawn to the 'string layer' slice, which has slice lookup code sl:string layer, but always has no children at the moment

Regarding the NPC & Heroes Layer[edit]

If a map's NPC/Hero walkabout layering is set to Together (which is the default), then hero and walkabout slices are parented to the sl:walkabout layer, and are Y-sorted.

  • NPCs & Heroes (children automatically Y-sorted)
    • Hero walkabout slice
    • NPC walkabout slice
    • Hero walkabout slice
    • NPC walkabout slice

The other two layering options cause the sl:hero layer and sl:npc layer container slices to be used, and NPCs are NOT Y-sorted. Instead, for backwards compatibility, the layering depends on NPC reference numbers. Heroes are still Y-sorted.

  • NPCs & Heroes (container)
    • NPC layer
      • NPC walkabout slice
      • NPC walkabout slice
      • NPC walkabout slice
      • NPC walkabout slice...
    • Hero layer
      • Hero walkabout slice
      • Hero walkabout slice
      • Hero walkabout slice
      • Hero walkabout slice

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