How do I prevent a hero from attacking several times during a battle turn?

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Heroes are not supposed to attack several times during one turn, so you may have set some options on that you don't need to.

1. You could have set Extra Hits in the attack damage menu too high for a certain attack.

  • Extra Hits is really just how many times you want the attack to hit. So if it is set on 1 it will attack once.

2. You may have the Hits stat on the hero set fairly high.

  • Hits means how many times the hero gets to attack in on turn. So if is set to 3 you might randomly attack up to 3 times, and that might not be wanted. Do not raise the Hits stat unless you want the hero to hit repeatedly with all attacks.
    • To stop it, set the Hits Stat to 0, or set the Ignore the attackers extra hits bitset on for most attacks.

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