How do I misalign my NPCs and how can I take advantage ot it?

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This article is no longer part of the F.A.Q.. It answers an obsolete FAQ question. It does not apply to the current version.

In the old days before pixel-perfect plotscripting commands, PS masters faked pixel based movement by misaligning NPCs and heroes with the tile grid. This was in reality an ugly trick involving give the NPC an odd (non dividing into 20) speed and stopping it partway through a walk NPC command.

However, NPC misalignment is more of a bug in your game, freezing NPCs in place between tiles. After you have positioned a normally moving NPC for the purpose of a plotscripted scene, you should either realign it when the scene is over.

Now that there is a better way to position NPCs and heroes with plotscripting, there is absolutely no reason to purposefully misalign them using odd speeds and interrupted movements. Use the commands put hero (who, pixel x, pixel y) and put NPC (npc ref, pixel x, pixel y) instead, a much cleaner and saner method.

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