How do I import and export tilesets?

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This article is no longer part of the F.A.Q.. It answers an obsolete FAQ question. It does not apply to the current version.

Importing and exporting tileset is very easy!

To import your tileset :

Go under custom.exe and edit grafics. Then go down to import/export tileset. Press the space bar

-If you want to import AND create a new tileset choose "Append a new tileset". Note that this function is disabled if you already have 32767 tileset ^_^| -If you want to replace a tileset by a new one choose " replace current tilset". Just be sure you choose a tileset that have not been much edited on a map. Else you map grafics will look like modern art ^_^

-If you want export your tileset just go down and press space bar. I strongly recommend you not to change the name that comes by default because it tells you what tileset number it was before exporting

In the old times... (that are not that old...)[edit]

Before Hasta-la-qb + people exported they maptilset using a programm called the OhrGfx.exe. They launched it and enter a password to edit their game. Then the game maker was searching for the maptile set and saved it as a bmp file. As this method is not outdated (it just a little more complex than the one above), you still can use it if you feel like so

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