Garm (VoM)

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Garm - Wolf (Game:Vikings of Midgard)
Stat Value
HP 4500
MP 500
Strength 300
Accuracy 80
Defense 50
Dodge 50
Magic 50
Will 0
Speed 13
Focus 0
Extra Hits 0
~garm.PNG Legend tells that when Odin banished the damned into Helheim, he set a mighty wolf at the entrance to keep the living from meddling in the affairs of the dead. There Garm grew strong in hellfire, shivering at the cold world above. Garm's only lapse in guard duty was when a foreigner from the east tricked him into eating a cake of blood. When the trickster returned again, Garm ate him, only his black stalking clothes remaining. He has since learned to play with the foreigner's powder bag of smoke, and his tablets of antivenom, making Garm a much more formidable guard.