Game:Village People: The Videogame

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Village People: The Videogame

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Developer(s) Surlaw
Website Super Walrus Land
Release date July 2009
Genre RPG
Download Download from Slime Salad
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The peaceful world of San Francisco is shattered when Police Chief discovers that his bros have vanished! Can he save them in time, or will the music of the Village People be lost forever? Prove the power of brotherly love in Village People: The Videogame!


Village People: The Videogame was designed for the 2009 Terrible Games Contest - What is Love? The theme of the game is brotherly love, as the player guides Police Chief on a journey to rescue his kidnapped band mates. The game was entered into this contest because of its ridiculous premise alone, and is not meant to be a joke or shock game. It is a standard, turn-based RPG. Other pop-culture icons also appear in this game, as well as recurring characters from other Surlaw made games.


The game begins in the YMCA, where your loyal Robot Butler explains the bad jive that's just gone down. Inside the YMCA building, you can rest to recover health, visit criminals that you've arrested, and more! There is a robot named Dummy living on the first floor that can give you more information on how to play.

Explore everywhere! It's a good idea to press Enter to examine anything that seems out of the ordinary. Trash cans man be hiding valuable treasures! You can also climb the trees scattered around San Francisco in your search for profit.

There are five missing Village People to rescue. You can choose to rescue them in any order you please (demo version status allowing). Talk to everyone around town to gather information on their whereabouts! Once the gang's all together again, you can take on the big bad that set this whole mess up!



Village People characters and music are property of Can’t Stop Productions, Inc. See for more.