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Yaay! another game[edit]

Yes this is another newbie game, just what the world needed. Now this being my first game I am probably aiming a little high but, here it goes.

For those who wanted to download the latest demo it is right here

note: I do not consider this demo even playable as of right now, when I do I will start a thread on castle paradox, if you want to give me feedback I have an account of the same name (smeargle) on castle paradox.


This is a nice summary of what kind of game this is. (note to self: write awesome plot synopsis) Okay so I don't have the plot entirely laid out yet, but you can bet on a lot of inspiration from ff1 and maybe a little from ff2. The main point will be to collect Talismans, some will be useful, and others just plain fun (like change your sprite into bat for no reason), and very few will be vital to the main storyline meaning lots of sidequests. Also there will be cliches, lots and lots of cliches.

Things to implement[edit]

This is a list of things I need to implement:

  • Classed based system (like ff1) check
  • Good guy and bad guy plot (you can choose which side)
  • After plot (for good guys and bad guys)
  • Sidequests (and I mean a LOT of sidequests)
  • (more as I think of more things)


To criticize, praise, comment, spam, etc. Here is a link to corrasponding thread (note to self: start thread on castle paradox)

Don't expect amazing graphics or music, as I am doing it my self and those are not my strong points.