Game:Parallel Universe

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Parallel Universe
Parallel Universe.png
Developer(s) MagicWare, Inc.
Website None currently
Release date Not yet released
Genre RPG
Download None currently
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An alternate universe? With little gophers running around in the desert acting like they own the place? "Go away!" I hear the cries. Nay, for such things are happening in a world not to far away! What prompted the Professor to make a teleporter in the first place? What does Pinky have to do with all this? (Not much, really.) Come and find out, uh... some time... in the future... hopefully soon.


So the Professor makes this teleporter and John Smith finds out about it and tells Jane Smith and Jane wants to go over to see it and they do and then Pinky shows up and shoves Jane into the teleporter and then John fights Pinky and then he goes after Jane and then... yeah. You get the idea. Lossa fun.


...and sinker[edit]

Coming really soon* from MagicWare, Inc.

*Really soon as in, to quote 3D Realms, "when it's done".