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Halloween Quest
Developer(s) RedMaverickZero
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Release date October 31, 2003
Genre RPG
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You'd think Josh had it bad enough. First having to break his date with the beautiful Rachel. Then on top of that he's forced to take his annoying little brother trick or treating. When they find out Josh's best friend is trapped in a Haunted House they decide to rescue him. From there, Josh, his little brother Max, and his best friend embark on a mission on why things happened that shouldn't have. Why certain people do the things they do. This game brings back all those good feelings you've ever had for Halloween using laughter and clever puzzles to inspire you to wonna go trick or treating (even if you're too old). Features music from some of your favorite punk/ska bands. And if you look hard enough you may find a cameo from Bob... errr... an undead hamster! Enjoy! This will make you love Halloween all over again!

Hype Line[edit]

Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

Plot Synopsis[edit]

The game begins with the main character Josh being forced to take his little brother Max out trick-or-treating. Wandering around town, the pair meet up with various themed characters and Josh's girlfriend, before coming across a purportedly haunted mansion. The two brothers investigate the mansion, where they encounter Josh's best friend Clyde, and learn that a vampire has recently been seen stalking the mansion and the surrounding area. After a lengthy chase, the trio eventually finds the vampire in his spooky castle, where they learn a bit about each other and the meaning of friendship.


The game itself was updated in November of 2003 with an extra hour of gameplay, and a tie-in to the game's sequel Halloween Quest 2.

Notable Features and History[edit]

Halloween Quest received second place in the Halloween Contest for 2003.


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