Game:Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School

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Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School
FYS TitleScreen.png

AHS YuckfoodWave.png

Developer(s) Eddie Lee
Release date Unknown (summer/fall 2015?)
Genre Slightly Silly Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG
Characters | Enemies | Items | Secrets

What's worse than a high school packed full of morons, roaches, crazy bitches, disgusting cafeteria food, and a not-quite-sane principal?

That very same school with a mysterious forcefield around it, trapping students and teachers alike inside, of course!

And just when it looks like it can't get any worse, it does: the power goes out. Abnormally-large bugs start showing up everywhere. Poisonous red fungi grow up all around the school, plaguing anyone who manages to figure out a way around the forcefield and leave the building. And whoever's behind it all seems to be seeking a powerful item--the legendary Num Coin--that is said to be buried somewhere deep beneath the school's foundations...

Currently FYS:AHS is the OHR project I'm focusing my attention on the most, now that Okédoké is finished. The game is probably complete enough to justify an early-stage demo release at this point; from the beginning of the game to the defeat of the third boss, it took me roughly an hour and a half (though this included some early-game exploration around the school's hallways before even meeting the second hero, which not all players are guaranteed to do.)

Originally I had planned to release the first demo at the end of power outage plotline that starts it off, but... that would have ended up being a very short demo if you don't do much exploring and just zoom right ahead to the storyline-related events. The game has come a long way since then, however--after the power outage and a brief cutscene, there's another dungeon area to explore, two boss fights, and the addition of a new party member. I could probably release a decently long demo right now, but I think I'm going to hold off until I have more of the school maps (more classrooms, nurse's office, guidance office, etc.) finished before releasing a version of the game to the public--at the moment there are a lot of doors that don't go anywhere, which would leave some of the school's hallways feeling weirdly incomplete if I released the game now.

Still, the game is progressing along at a pretty good pace now, and a demo release within 2015 seems very likely... if only I can get off my lazy butt and work on it more often.