Game:Ends of the Earth 2

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Ends of the Earth 2
Title Screen
Developer(s) Valkayree
Release date
Genre RPG
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©1998-2000 Valkayree Productions

Ends of the Earth 2 (EOTE2) is an early fully completed OHRRPGCE game which achieved great popularity due to its high quality, and very wide distribution due to Valkayree submitting it to It is one of the most well known OHRRPGCE games, and introduced many new users to the engine.

The end of the earth. Everyone fears it, but is it really as everyone says it will be? How will it occur, why will it occur? In this sequel by Valkayree Productions you play a hero named Atoch, who is the youngest of a long line of descendants dedicated to preventing the return of Caramawn, the evil centaur Centaurus defeats in the first Ends of the Earth. Sadly, several wizards gather and through their rituals and deceptions make life on earth a living hell. Only you, Atoch, can rid the planet of the evil wizards before they summon the great beast which will destroy the earth and instill fear in all who see it.

The game features:

  • stunning graphics from the creators of Ends of the Earth
  • music composed by Kain
  • plotscripting elements developed by James Paige
  • hundreds of attacks and items
  • over 40 playable characters!
  • Revisit the city of Concorde (featured in EOTE1) and meet some old friends
  • Innovative character fates. You decide who joins you!

The End of the Earth is upon us once again. The question is: Can you stop it?

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