Game:Dummy the Happy Face

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Dummy the Happy Face
Developer(s) Dorumagesu
Website My page
Release date December 10, 2007
Genre RPG and/or Adventure
Download [1]
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Dummy the Happy Face[edit]

This is a game made by Dorumagesu. He has joined this site in november. This game was originally for a school project, but since it is done, he decided to put it in public! What a nice guy!!


A stick man has opened the secret seal in a cave. Monsters pour out, and the world becomes in jeopardy. There are enemies all around the world. Who can stop all this trouble? Dummy of course!!! Follow Dummy and his adventures as he goes all around the world!!!! Dorumagesu has made one of the weirdest games on this wiki!


This game has very bad graphics. Yes they are bad, but that is because of Dorumagesu's very bad artistic ability. Another claim is that the enemies tend to be too strong, and debugging keys are unavailable. Dorumagesu has also password-protected this game, so you cannot edit it either. One more thing. Dorumagesu has not defeated the last boss yet due to the game being long, so it might be too strong. If you have any problems, please put it on Dorumagesu's talk page. Dorumagesu does not want any claims on bugs.


This game has not yet been cleared, so the walkthrough will probably take a while to get finished. Maybe it won't........... Dorumagesu has started the walkthrough, so refer to that page please.


Even though the bosses are very strong in this game, there is a way to avoid one of them. If you use a special item, you can avoid a specific boss.


The maker of this game is Dorumagesu. The music is either MIDI or BAM, so thanks to both.

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