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Don't Eat Soap! (An Educational Game Starring Bob the Hamster)
Dont eat soap - main title.png
Developer(s) James Paige
Release date Jun 06, 2009 (1.0)
Aug 02 2013 (1.1)
Genre Platformer/Arcade
License Free
(Windows Installer)
(Mac App)

Don't Eat Soap! (An Educational Game Starring Bob the Hamster) was made by James Paige, featuring music by John Sebastian Willow. It was first released on July 06 2009 for the 2009 OHRRPGCE 8-bit Contest, and then updated and re-released with more levels and enemies on August 2 2013. It has been submitted to the OUYA Console

Soap is bad for you to eat. It is good for washing your hands, but very very bad for you to put in your mouth. If soap ever accidentally gets in your mouth, spit it out! This game is an educational simulation using the latest in 8-bit gaming technology so that you can experience mouth-related soap accidents from the safety of your living-room without risk of actual hospitalization.

Remember! This is only a game! Do not try it at home!

This game is lovingly inspired by the Arcade/NES classic "Bubble Bobble 1", which James and his sister played endlessly as children. It should be considered both a parody and a tribute.

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