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Chronoboy Adventures
Developer(s) Chronoboy
Release date First Demo 2010-11-24
Final Release ????
Genre RPG
Download Castle Paradox
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One peaceful night at home, a boy is a sleep until a meteor hits in the forest just outside his home. Him and his good friends Chad and Marnie go and check it out. The next thing he knows, he falls into some abandoned ruins, desperate to make a loud sound so people know he's alive, he plays a nearby harp. Upon playing the last string on the harp, a strange cube made of water raises from the ground a few feet away from him. Curious as he is, he steps into the cube and onto a strange land seeking a way home.


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A lost boy[edit]

This boy is our protagonist. He lead a very normal life, heads to work during the day, back home at night to sleep. He has three close friends in Yorkdale, Jason, Chad, and Marnie. This all comes to an end, when he steps into a cube made of water and is now bound to find a way back home.

Local Guardians[edit]

These powerful Tempests act as what we would call a mayor. They can use very powerful magic called Tempestry, which they mainly use to defend their towns from any threats. Legends say that there is a powerful crystal which can sap a Local Guardian from their Tempestry powers, rendering them powerless and weak.


She is one of the most powerful sages in Torro, only slightly less powerful than a Local Guardian. She has the ability to heal the boy when they meet later in the game. Her unfortunate demise is that her soul is sealed to the Ether, which prevents her from leaving any Etherial location in Torro.


Amy's twin sister. She is full of spunk and is very jealous that her sister has all the powers, she tends to lie to make herself look better than her sister at times. She, like her sister, her soul is also sealed to the Ether.


A local farmer in Waku Village, he has a secret crush on Amy. He tends to be very busy tending to the crops.


She was the stable girl until the lost boy came unto their world, and the Local Guardian gave the job to him. She is the Local Guardian's only daughter and really dislikes getting messy despite she tends to sleep with the animals at night.


The Local Guardian of Franchu, she also sells spellbooks and magic items to the lost boy. In her free time, she does research on various subjects and knows many legends of Torro.


An evil MagiTroll who came from a far away state with a very powerful artifact for Byron and his men. His dream to take over all of Torro one state at a time.


The leader of the Waku monster tribe, he lives in the Waku Caverns with his henchmen. He is scared to the death of the Local Guardians.

Future Plans[edit]

As you may have noticed, if you played far enough, Chronoboy Adventures is not a complete game yet. The game will complete with a series of Expansion packs to be released after the main game.

How You Can Help[edit]

  • Playtesting
  • Reporting bugs
  • Balance and difficulty issues (which enemies are too strong, too weak, too boring)
  • Improvements on existing pixel art
  • New pixel art in keeping with the theme of the game

See the Development page for more info.

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