Compiling the DOS version

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This article only applies to the DOS/QuickBasic version. It is not relevant for the current Windows and Linux versions

You should be using the Windows or Linux versions.

However, if you have some specific need for a version of the OHRRPGCE that runs on real DOS (MS-DOS 6.22 or FreeDOS or DosBox), you can still use the Hasta-la-qb release. It will be missing any newer features that were added later.

Getting the Source[edit]

The best way to get the source code is with subversion. If for some reason, you can't install a subversion client on your computer, the next best thing is to download the Hasta-la-qb source code snapshot.

Compiling the Source[edit]

Submitting Improvements[edit]

No more releases are planned for the Hasta-la-qb branch, however, if you fix a bug, you are still welcome to submit it. If you want to continue serious development of the QuickBasic version of the OHRRPGCE, it might be best for you to fork a separate project.

Distributing your own version[edit]

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