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Callipygous+1 is the current stable release of the OHRRPGCE.

The word is derived from the ancient Greek, meaning "having beautifully proportioned buttocks".

Callipygous has the dubious distinction of being the most delayed OHRRPGCE release ever. Some of the new features are:

  • Ported to Android and Android-based consoles such as OUYA, Gamestick, and FireTV
  • Customizable hero positions in-battle
  • Incomplete support for running Custom and Game at other resolutions (gfx_sdl backend only), higher framerates, and options for running a game fullscreen or changing window size
  • New slice types Scroll, Select, Panel, and slice editor improvements
  • More than 4 save slots available. Ability to save slices and strings
  • Many new script commands and other misc features
Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Beelzebufo April 4 2016 (+1 June 6) Dwimmercrafty callipygous+1

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