What is a better language to learn?

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If you have looked at the source code of the OHRRPGCE you have probably noticed James's negative comments about quickbasic, and his suggestions that people interested in learning to program should learn other languages. Here are a few pointers to languages that various OHRRPGCE developers would recommend learning instead.

Also, some OHR users want to use plotscripting to make alternate battle engines or side-scrollers, and they might find that the job is much easier in a "real" programming language rather than in plotscripting.

This is more or less a personal choice. There's some infinite* languages in existence, each slightly different from the rest. Some of the notable ones are:

  • FreeBasic - A language based on QBasic, but updated to bring it into the 32-bit world. FreeBasic is virtually a superset of C (and a subset of C++) but with an easy to use BASIC syntax and with BASIC strings and arrays.
  • Python - intuitive and powerful syntax based on the best elements of many different languages (C, Pascal, Perl,..). Encourages modular design as illustrated by the few hundred standard libraries : Do one thing well. Ideal for RAD.
  • Lua - Lua is the most common scripting language embedded into game engines. It is also sometimes used for writing games from scratch. It has a simple syntax and minimal design, and can easily be learned by beginners and veterans alike.
  • C/C++ - (Actually, no, I no longer recommend C or C++ for programming games!) C dates from the beginning of time. Unfortunately, its syntax dates from the same era. However, its speed can't be beat. C++ is an object oriented extension to C which is simultaneously easier to use and easier to misuse. C++ is notorious for being so complex that almost noone entirely understands it, but it has been one of the most popular languages for decades and many commercial game engines are programmed in it.

* - Slight exaggeration