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This is a page you can use to practice editing.


To make a link, simply put something in double-brackets like this: Main_Page

To make a link with special link text, do this: go to the main page

A battle from Wandering Hamster

Another Header[edit]

  • this is a bullet list
  • yep, bullet lists are cool
  • we like bullet lists
    • it is also easy to nest bullet lists

Yet another Header[edit]

Put script examples inside the <pre> tag

script, example script, begin
  show text box (5)
  wait for text box

Don't forget Sub-Headers![edit]

You can do tables too, but it's complicated:

One Header Two header
Red cell Blue cell

To add a page to a category, use a link that starts with the magic word Category

汉字,可以吗? Unicode appears to work...

ဂ်မ္း က်င့္ ဘို Burmese, however, is somewhat iffy.