What is a script/plotscript and how do I write them?

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A plotscript is a set of commands which you can run in-game to 'script' events (and more!). They start off as blocks of text in a text file, which you then compile with HSPEAK.EXE into a form that the engine can understand them and import into your RPG file. You can then attach them to 'triggers' such as talking to an NPC. (Don't worry, you'll soon understand when you read the plotscripting tutorial)

Learning to script[edit]

Read the Plotscripting Tutorial[edit]

Read the plotscript dictionary[edit]

Read and open it as many times as needed as you script. It is also frequently recommended to new plotscripters that they read the whole dictionary through to understand what is possible. (If English is not your native language, you may need an English dictionary to help you understand what each command does.)

Seek help, Ask questions[edit]

You can add new generic questions to the F.A.Q.. If you have a question related to an existing article, or for help on its contents, the article's Talk Page (available through the Discussion tab at the top of the page) is an appropriate place to ask.

For specific questions, about a block of code, say, the community forums are the best place to find other plotscripters to ask your question. It is always a good idea to post the relevant scripts so that people can find the problem quickly.

As new Ohr game makers you may find it difficult to combine code from different example scripts so I strongly recommend you post messages explaining clearly what you want to do when you hit a wall. What counts most is understanding how the code works rather than blindly pasting it in.

Be aware that new commands are implemented regularly and that this wiki is updated often thanks to the oldies that have posted many articles for you. Reading them very carefully could help you to learn to use plotscripting rather quickly.

Print & Backup[edit]

As you pour effort into your scripts, you should backup your HSS file (at least copy and paste it into another directory) so you can remake it rather quickly if you lose or damage it. Don't forget that you can also print your HSS file and keep it safe this way.

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