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Okedoke MrT.png

Developer(s) Eddie Lee
Release dates June 7th, 2009 (contest demo)

July 1st, 2009 (3-chapter demo)

July 3rd, 2009 (speed/steal fix demo)

December 16th, 2009 (5-chapter demo)

November 30th, 2010 (Heart of the OHR)

December 4th-13th, 2010 (HotOHR bugfixes)

September 17th, 2014 (Complete)

January 15th-17th, 2015 (bugfixes)

Genre Illegal Mexican RPG
Characters | Enemies | Secrets

A masked swordsman, clad in gray and known only as "El Garbanzo," searches for his missing father, who crossed the border and went to America twenty years ago. Along the way, he encounters a variety of strange characters (including the Mexican Grim Reaper, Mr. T, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Border Patrol's answer to the Power Rangers) and travels across the United States--from Wrongside, Texas to Frogbucket, Alabama and beyond...

Version history[edit]

Okédoké! (pronounced like "okaydokay," in the worst faux-Mexican accent you can pull off) was made as part of the 2009 8-Bit Contest, though only an incomplete demo version was done in time to be submitted.

A second demo was released on July 1st, 2009; this version fixed several bugs present in the first demo, added various features that had to be left out of the contest version in order to make the deadline, and extended the game's story into its third chapter.

On July 3rd, 2009, the "Speed/Steal Fix" demo was released. This version focused on fixing minor problems with the game (primarily raising the speed of battles, making stealable items easier to get, and increasing the amount of money/experience given by enemies at certain points in the game) as well as fixing one last bug that managed to slip through the first few waves of testing.

Another version was released on December 16th, 2009. It fixed a few minor problems (mostly related to how attacks interacted with certain enemies) as well as updating various parts of the game to use some of the most recent features of the OHRRPGCE. It also extended the game's story into its fourth and fifth chapters.

The next major update to the game was released on November 30th, 2010 as part of the Heart of the OHR contest. It added a few minor things throughout the earlier chapters of the game (including jumpable ledges--like those used in Puckamon--in Chapter 1, new random encounters in several chapters, and a secret area and minor changes to Chapter 5's prison area) as well as being the first public release to include Chapter 4's secret area and a small portion of Chapter 6.

Two minor bugfixing versions followed shortly this one, though the initial Heart of the OHR version was the one that brought most of the major changes; the December 2010 updates were only made to fix bugs, put missing NPCs into place, and correct various textbox and graphics mistakes that were present in the November 30th version.

Chapter 6 of Okédoké was finished in early June of 2014, and the game was sent out to playtesters shortly afterward; in the months that followed, various bugs and spelling/tile/wallmap errors reported by the playtesters were fixed and many new features (including a few new items, enemies, maps, and sidequests) were added to every chapter of the game, leading up to the public release of the complete 6-chapter version of Okédoké! on September 17th, 2014.

Two minor bugfixing updates (released on January 15th and January 17th) followed not long after the release of the completed version, fixing a graphical bug which would have prevented several scenes added in the September 17th release from working correctly, various minor things, and a couple of very nasty (potentially game-breaking) bugs that had gone unnoticed in the middle chapters of the game.


Okédoké can be downloaded from the Slime Salad and Castle Paradox gamelists. The Slime Salad gamelist has both the original 8-bit Contest version and the most recent updated version, for those who want to compare them and see how far the game has come since its original demo release. Please note that I almost always update my games on Slime Salad first due to the fact that I rarely ever go on Castle Paradox anymore, so if you want to get new versions of Okédoké immediately when they come out, I'd suggest checking the Slime Salad download page.

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