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Yo Ghost Music - Sunday May 2nd 2010 at 12:41 PM
Now first off, I wasn't quite sure where to post this topic but this made sense to me. Anyway I know in the past Yo Ghost has dissapointed many, but now I have internet at home. I want to explain to everyone what always happens when I get proggress on Yo Ghost. Something always seems to happens to completely halt proggress or slow it. Sometimes putting me back months. I never do this on purpose, I truly want to see Yo Ghost in all its glory.( If there is glory to be had.) Back to the main point. Yo Ghost uses music from many composers. I would like to ask you all at some point in the future to play the game when I realease it, and redo the music as you see fit, to give it that Yo Ghost feel. For those of you who haven't figured it out...Yo Ghost is back, with a stable enviorment to grow in. I will make sure that NOTHING happens to it this time. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this, espicially the composers.

Lord Fyroa
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HamsterSpeak #37 Online - Sunday May 2nd 2010 at 12:33 PM

It took a bit of rushing and now I've got a sore neck from sitting at my computer for so long, but reviews are in for every game in the Ridiculous Games Contest! On top of that, we've got a very good tutorial on Slices from JSH, the story of some fish thing, and more.

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Ridiculous Games Contest - 2010 - Voting - Saturday May 1st 2010 at 10:32 PM
The time has come to vote on the games submitted for the Ridiculous Games Contest of 2010. Without any adieu, here are this year's entries:

All the Games by Barnabus

Automagically! Bizzaro Carnival in Salad Kingdom by Spoonweaver

Danse Danse Whale: Total War by Blue Train, J_Taylor, Momoka, Spoonweaver

Duck by JSH357

Field of Dwarves and Endless Dreams by Twinconclusive

Meh. by Fenrir-Lunaris

Mr. The Hamster's Math Class by James Paige

Puckamon by FnrrfYgmSchnish

Yo Ghost RGC Edition by Sh4d0ws

Anyone may vote on the games, and may rate each one on a scale of 1 (awful/unplayable) to 10 (best ). You may have games that have identical scores, if you so choose. What constitutes a bad or good "ridiculous" game is your decision, as is the nature of the contest. Based on the theme of this contest, you must take into account whether the game's creator successfully created a ridiculous game, HOWEVER, I will not be checking to see whether your score is an accurate reflection of that, or upon what other criteria you have for voting the way you've chosen. As always, comments on each submission are welcome and ultimately helpful to the contestants. Your score sheet should look something like this:

Put on socks - 2
Put on pants - 8
Salom Lancoven: Attourney at Law - 4
Cross the street - 10
Barely Legal Seals - 1

If you fail to vote on any one game, I will assume you DID NOT play it, and accordingly give it an automatic score of 3. If enough people fail to play one particular game, it may quickly rise to the top of the voting and be a declared the winner. Consequently, it is in your own interests to play each game, even if only for a little bit, so you can judge it yourself.

Since nobody was late/early, there is no penalty this time for late or early submissions. Next time perhaps.

People who are NOT regular OHRRPGCE game creators are free to join AND vote. This means that PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE THE INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY ARE FREE TO JOIN IN THE FUN. I fully expect outsiders to rock this contest to its foundation. Unlike previous contests, REGISTRATION ON ONE OF THE FORUMS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. Total strangers may now participate in the fun.

You may only vote ONCE. Yes, you can vote for your own game. I will officially be taking your votes on a thread to be created at some point in the future in Castle Paradox, and on the Surlaw home of Squids and Walruses, and also on Slime Salad, since some of the entrants may be exclusive to one or the other. I will also be taking Emails at Fenrir_lunaris(at), and ALSO through my AiM screenname (LassieLunaris). Voting shall begin from the instant you see this post and will end on the 14th of May, to allow people enough time to play the games and vote on them.

The game with the MOST points on the 14th of May wins, and its creator gets a -PRIZE-!!


The point values that each game receives will translate directly into larger and larger amounts of $limebucks on Slime Salad. These values shall forever remain hidden, although you can be pretty sure the participants who jumped into this are going to absolutely dominate every other participant in future Slime Salad battles (active OHRers rock). As an added bonus, and because EVERYONE IS A WINNER, everyone will get an amount.

The GRAND PRIZE winner will receive either a cash payment (or equivalent Paypal), AND/OR their game featured as a cover of Hamsterspeak Magazine (at some point, you know how these things go).

Because Castle Paradox offers no such point-money system like Slimesalad does, Games released here for the contest are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE ONLY. Unfortunately since this only applies to one person this time around (you know who you are), should they win, I'll coordinate with them for a suitable bonus.

Good luck, and godspeed you kings of the internet.

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HamsterSpeak #36 Online - Thursday April 1st 2010 at 8:32 PM

Here we are; a feature heavy issue introducing what is hopefully the first in a new series of articles, a look at the dreaded Yo Ghost, arguments about the 8-Bit contest, free sprites from Okedoke Man, and more.

Replies (5)

Lost Legends of Prismia Demo now available! - Monday March 29th 2010 at 9:04 PM
Please visit to download the demo!

It's also available on Castle Paradox!

Replies (1)

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