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    1) AW - Divine Interloper by Rimudora
    2) An odd thing by Deadmanintheocean
    3) No Man's Space by Artimus Bena
    4) Beautiful Day, Final Night by Eggie
    5) Pleasant Dreams by Eggie
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Download: 287 KB Added Sun Jun 03, 2007 9:52 pm
Total Download count: 74
Number of reviews: 0
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Description [-]
This is my entry for the 2007 48 hours contest round 1 (June 2/3). It's supposed to fit into the thriller/suspense/mystery theme but as you'll see, the emphasis is much more on the gameplay, since I wanted to experiment with a random dungeon generator script. You'll fight different battles, find different items, and explore different rooms each time you enter a dungeon.

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