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Bomberman: Red Alert
Mezase Master
This is the final version
Download: 165 KB Updated Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:24 pm
Total Download count: 145
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Description [-]
Hey everyone! Scott Bratcher here, creator of Bomberman: Race For The Championship, with some good news. I'm making a new Bomberman game! Now the idea is actually from a comic I made in second grade, it was just called "Bomberman Comic", but I gave it a name that actually had to do with it. Of course, I'm editing it a LOT, but I'm definently gonna keep the stuff I put in it. I actually got so far in the comic that I started working on a #2, and finished one plot in that (EXACTLY one plot, I just started a tiny doodle on the next one but it's not much), but the school year ended so I stopped. Anyway, now, I still really like the idea- Bomberman basically stays in a building (his house), with a red alarm on the wall. When there's trouble that needs to be taken care of, it rings, and Bomberman gets on it. Some plots I used were (**SPOILERS WARNING** I will use these in the game):

1. Ninja Bombermen attacking which held the black Bomberman captive, and when saved, he joins you.
2. A Bomberman with a jetpack, that when he was defeated, his jetpack came off, and he decided he wanted to be good and joined as red Bomberman.
3. Blue Bomberman, the technical one, builds a giant robot to crush the three Bombermen. To defeat him, the three Bombermen build one of their own. Unfortuanently, they lost again, so they got their leftover parts to build another robot. When they find him, the robot is shut down and he is in his "control room" crying. He says now he only wants to be their friends and joins them.
4. The Bombermen have a dream they are in a wrestling ring fighting. They all knock eachother out, and they have another dream where they're all lost and have to find each other, but wake up.
5. The alarm breaks, it keeps going off when there is not trouble, so they take it to the repair shop and have trouble trying to get the repairman to actually get near the alarm.
6. They all go in a cave. The view is Goldeneye style as they try to defeat enemies.
7. I made two comics where the crew had to use the machines from Bomberman Hero (Bomber Copter, Bomber Jetpack, Bomber Marine, and Bomber Snowboard). The first had was when there were four "disturbances" happening at once, so they each used a different vehicle for their location. The second one was just one disaster where they all had to use Bomber Jetpacks.
8. The last story of my Bomberman Comic, all the bad guys from the previous ones trapped the Bombermen in "Gameboy World". This was before all the Gameboys with color (except Super Gameboy, of course), so it was basically an empty black and white land. The Bombermen find a way to escape, so they do escape, and while the enemies are sleeping, they put them all in there and seal the exit.
9. Start of Bomberman Comic 2, and last one, unfortunently. The four Bombermen come across a machine that identifies unkown bad guys. Afterwards, they come across Atomic Bombermen (from a game for the PC) which turn out to be evil. They start fighting, and both the original and atomic blue Bombermen "kill" eachother, but have a dream they are friends, but it turns out they were only sleeping, so they told the others who were fighting they would just rather be friends and the atomics joined them.

I will definently edit the sappy stuff, and I won't make the Atomic Bombermen join you. In fact, I'll edit a lot, but the disasters themselves will probably be the same. Normally I would put in scans of the original comic book I made in second grade into the game, but I do not have the materials, so I cannot now but will if I ever can. Not only all of this, but I have changed the storyline around a bit so this is considered Bomberman's first adventure. It'll have the story when Dr. Ein created him and solve mysteries like why Bomberman's face looks like Bomber Planet. No prediction as to when I'll release a demo, so keep your eyes peeled!

Update (7/10/04): Sorry guys, but I stopped working on this a long time ago, I should've said so much earlier.

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