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    1) AW - Divine Interloper by Rimudora
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10/5/1998 GAME.EXE
This is the final version
Download: 105 KB Added Tue May 20, 2003 6:49 am
Total Download count: 1555
Number of reviews: 0
Average Grade: N/A
Description [-]
This is an older version of game.exe that Rinku sent to me right around the time that a Magnus sequel cover was being concidered for Reasonably Septaweekly. I mentioned aside that I couldn't even play Magnus anymore and Rinku kindly passed me this file which he himself kept to play older files.

Now, at the time I originally got this file, it did play the older files, including Magnus (collective shiver)... since then I've gone from Win98 to WinME and had several crashes. When I try it, it only sees the most recent files I've downloaded (though it obviously won't play them correctly as most the newly downloaded files were made with the recent engine). Just to see if it would work, I did re-download Magnus, and it does work... ugly green grass tiles and all... though there is a problem with the controls (it thinks up and left are continually being pressed), though I suspect it's just me and has more to do with the gamepad that's currently plugged in (not for OHR use, though) than with the game.exe.

Oh well... someone out there is sure to get a kick out of the older engine. Though I suspect the only downloaders will be the ones who want to see Magnus in all it's dis-glory.

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