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Castle Paradox
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    1) AW - Divine Interloper by Rimudora
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Game is in production
Added Fri Jul 18, 2003 5:22 am
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Description [-]
This is the humble story of a young man looking for a young girl to grow old with and upset for forgetting anniverseries. Meet Mike Wright.

He's twenty-two. He's a college graduate. He works at a video store. He has good friends.

But a problem arises in his life. A major shock invades his system. His friends start fading away. Why? Where are they going? It's simple really.

They're all getting married.

To keep from getting left behind, Mike decides that he too will join the bandwagon and find a bride. The big question however is who will take him?

Based on a screenplay I wrote in 1997 called \"Job Hunt,\" this game follows the antics of our hero and his bad advice riddled friends as he searches for the best girl to spend his life with. Features non-linear gameplay and various life issues to address to keep things rolling.

This game won't be out for a long time, but look for a mini-preview in the upcoming Tightfloss Maiden release.

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